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Diplomatic, Political and Military Relationships between Siam and Italy
Col G.E. Gerini's study confirmed that the establishment of amicable relations between Italy and Siam 'date as far back as the glorious days of Ancient Rome, whose commencement reached back, perhaps even before the restoration by Caesar Augustus of the imperial power' In the thirteenth century, Marco Polo sailed to the Gulf of Siam and put on record the gold and other valuable resources which formed the object of trade. There were Italian merchants and travelers and Jesuit priests coming to Odia or Ayuddhaya, the capital of Siam and serving Siamese kings long before Pope Clement IX sent a letter to the King of Siam on August 24, 1669 and the first Siamese diplomatic mission appeared in Italy on December 22, 1687. The bonds of friendship between Siam and Italy are furthered listed chronologically from the reign of His Majesty King Chulalongkorn when he received the first Italian diplomat at the Siamese court, Commander Carlo Racchia on December 27, 1870 to the moment when the courts of the two nations united on March 29, 1881 when the Duke of Genua arrived in Siam, followed by the visits by the Duke of Abuzzi in 1895 and 1905, of the Court of Turin in 1898 and of the Prince of Udine during these last years and concluded with His Majesty King Chulalongkorn's two lengthy stays in Italy in 1897 and 1907. More of the mosaic of relations between Siam and Italy that have brought them together to establish trading, cultural, military and diplomatic relations are yet to be fulfilled and discovered.

The Yuddhakot: Siamese Military Informatics
'The Yuddhakot', that translates as 'the military treasure' or 'army repository', is the name of the Siamese military review created by His Majesty King Chulalongkorn, Rama V and Col. G.E. Gerini, the Director General of Military Education, was appointed as the first editor. The first number which was issued on 21 September 1892 established the objectives as "The Yuddhakot is the informational source and mouthpiece of the military in Siam".Col. G. E. Gerini had an important role and work in the development of this 'army repository' of Siam at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century by establishing the principle of the balanced integration of knowledge from the East and the West such as studies in treatises on war strategy, history, geography, archaeology, anthropology and philosophy and military and diplomatic relations between Siam and Asian and European countries. Thus, these studies were a starting point for the development of military studies in Siam including analysis, vision, duties, objectives, successes and changes that should be the issue that is reconsidered at all times.

Military Architecture in Siam
A team of Italian architects and engineers were an important force in the work of the Ministry of Public Works of the Kingdom of Siam at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century. Their work in the years 1900 - 1924 that is revealed in the reference documents of Mario Tamagno included no less than 25 important and remarkable projects including royal palaces, government office buildings, and public works that had a mixture of Italian and traditional Thai art. The confidence of the royal court and the Thai government in the efficiency, industry and exceptional talent of the team of Italians led them to being assigned to the survey, design and construction of some military architecture in the Kingdom of Siam.


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Relazioni diplomatiche tra Siam ad Italia: dal passato al presente, Prof. Paolo Piazzardi
Diplomatic Relations between  Siam and Italy: from past to present, Prof. Paolo Piazzardi ความสัมพันธ์ทางการทูตระหว่างสยามกับอิตาลี: จากอดีตถึงปัจจุบัน, อาจารย์เปาโล เปียสซาดี

La formazione culturale del colonnello Emilio Gerolamo Gerini, Franco Noberasco พันเอกเอมีลีโอ เยโรลาโม เยรินี: เบ้าหลอมของชีวิต,นายแพทย์ฟรังโก โนเบราสโก

Ocidentalizzazione dell’esercito durante il Regno di Re Chulalongkorn ed il ruolo di G.E. Gerini  nel Real Esercito Thailandese (1881-1906)
กับการรับราชการของพันเอกพระสารสาสน์พลขันธ์(เยรินี ) ในรัชสมัย พระบาทสมเด็จพระจุลจอมเกล้า เจ้าอยู่หัว,พันเอก (พิเศษ) ธนากร ทองสุขMilitary westernization during the reign of King Chulalongkorn and the roles of G.E. Gerini in the Royal Thai Army (1881-1906), Colonel Thanakorn Tongsuk

นายร้อยเอก เยรินี
หนทางสู่ชัยชนะ : ตามรอย ยี อี เยรินี, อาจารย์ ดร .สมบัติ มั่งมีสุขศิริ
Cammino di Vittoria, Dr Sombat Mungmisuksiri
Paths to Victory, Dr Sombat MungmisuksiriFortification at Paknam, Siam and Italy in the late 19th century,Arch. Enrico Zunino
การสร้างป้อมปราการที่ปากน้ำสยามกับในอิตาลี ณ ปลายคริสต์ศตวรรษที่
19, สถาปนิก เอนริโก ซูนีโน
Le fortificazioni di Paknam, Siam ed Italia nel tardo 19th secolo, Arch Enrico ZuninoI Costruttori Italiani e la trasformazione di Bangkok, 1868 – 1889, Pirasri PovatongItalian Builders and the Transformation of Bangkok, 1868 – 1889,Pirasri Povatong ช่างอิตาเลียนกับพัฒนาการสถาปัตยกรรม ในช่วงต้นรัชกาลพระบาทสมเด็จพระจุลจอมเกล้าเจ้าอยู่หัว (พ.ศ. 2411- พ.ศ. 2432), พีรศรี โพวาทอง

Anthropology: Archaeology and History, Linguistics and Literature
Thai archaeological studies, history, linguistics and literature in the work of Col. G.E. Gerini such as Siamese Archaeology - A Synoptical Sketch, Historical Retrospect of Junkceylon Island, Chulakantamangala, and On Siamese Proverbs and Idiomatic Expressions represent an analysis that employs a combination of the anthropological and scientific approaches and a comparative study between similar cultures in Southeast and East Asia as well as a cross-cultural study between Siamese cultures and Mediterranean cultural groups. Such methodology and study approaches not only integrate knowledge completely and correctly, but also respect the wisdom and beliefs of each region and makes comparisons without bias.
Because of the geographical location of Siam between the East and the West on ancient sea routes, its archaeology, history, linguistics and literature have a complex foundation and are valuable in education. The Anthropological approach is an important tool in understanding the complexity and the huge scope of the integrated culture of the Kingdom of Siam.

Geography and Regional and Resource Mapping
Research work based on the integration of geography, ethnology, regional history,
culture and linguistics of Gereni concerning 'Researches on Ptolemy's Geography of Eastern Asia (Further India and Indo-Malay Archipelago) is a declaration of the importance of coastal communities in further India and Indo-Malay Archipelago, which was known in 'Ptolemy's Geographia' (400 A.D.) as 'Cheronesus Aureus'. Gereni calculated and coordinated the geography again with detailed studies of cities, markets, canals, ports, rivers and places to reconfirm whether they were real or not and what they were in the geography of Asia. His research offered a reliable summary that the coast of the Andaman Sea in Thailand and the Malay Penisula was a region of sea trade and sea power that had contact at the regional level between communities and trade between the Western and Eastern world communities in the region and global levels, and that this created a maritime trade network of mixed cultures. Thus, it is never too late to study the importance of communities in coastal region of the Andaman Sea, which were on the sea and trade routes of the ancient world.

Archiving and Exhibiting
Gerini's collection of traditional Siamese books, Buddhist scriptures, manuscripts, sketches, correspondences, diaries, and old photographs as well as a number of printed books about Siam and Asia in Thai, English, Italian, German and French, that are an important part in his research and studies on Siam during and after his 25 years in Siam (1881-1906) are like a mosaic of genius. These archives, which are preserved in different libraries, state and private archives in Thailand and Italy, will be compiled, catalogued and studied by a team of Thai and Italian scholars and archivists. The result of the studies will be presented and organized in an exhibition of 'The Mosaic of Genius' with the aim to show his multi-disciplinary and unbiased research procedure, approaches and methodology used in his study on Siam. In addition, this part aims to revive Thai-Italian collaborations in the arrangement of the International Exhibition of Industry and Labour in Turin in 1911 and a descriptive catalogue in Italian and English languages that were written by Col. G. E. Gerini with contributions of Crown Prince Vajiravudh and Thai academics, presenting a variety of viewpoints of Siam that include history, geography, economics, resources, art and culture. The cooperation in the exhibition 'The Mosaic of Genius' of Col. G. E. Gerini is a stepping stone to a sustainable collaborative project for the establishment of a searchable international database on Phra Sarasasana Balakhandh in Thailand,GISSAD, Gerini international Siamese Studies Archive and Database.

Su G.E.GERINI e M A P, Prof Srisakra Vallibhotama
เยรินีกับกับการบูรณาการความรู้จากแผนที่กับการศึกษาประวัติศาสตร์ สังคม วัฒนธรรม,รองศาสตราจารย์ศรีศักดิ์ วัลลิโภดม
Gerini and M A P, Assoc Prof Srisakra Vallibhotama

Colonel G.E. Gerini and the origins of Siamese archaeology, Dr Maurizio Peleggi
G.E. Gerini e le origini dell’Archeologia Siamese, Dr Maurizio Peleggi
อี เยรินีกับกำเนิดโบราณคดีสยาม, Maurizio Peleggi

Due decenni di collaborazione tra Thailandia ed Italia nell’Archeologia e stato attuale delle conoscenze sullo sviluppo della cultura tardo preistorica nella Thailandia centrale, Prof Surapol Natapintu
Thai-Italian collaborations in archaeology : knowledge of a decade, Assoc Prof Surapol Natapintu

La Cronaca di Chiang Mai versione Kongchun Yutthaporn Naksuk
The Chieng Mai Chronicle: Kongchun Version, Mr Jatuporn Naksuk
  เมืองละคร (ลำปาง) และเมืองลำพูนฉบับกองซุน, ยุทธพร   นาคสุข
La Civiltà Mon nella prospettiva di Phra Sarassasna Balakhan, Dr Bamrung Kham-Ek
Mon Civilization in the eyes of Phra Sarasasana Balakhand  (G.E. Gerini),Dr Bamrung Kham-ek
มองอารยธรรมมอญผ่านสายตาของพระสารสาสน์พลขันธ์,ผู้ช่วยศาสตราจารย์ ดร บำรุง คำเอก
Jamavongse: La Letteratura Pali del Regno di Lanna, Dr Chainarong Klinnoi
Buddhist literature in Pali: Jamavongse, Dr Chainarong Klingnoi
: วรรณกรรมบาลีในอาณาจักรล้านนา, ดร .ชัยณรงค์ กลิ่นน้อย
Antica Letteratura Siamese dal 13° al 19° secolo: il mosaico delle scelte di G.E.Gerini,
Asst Prof Kanokwan Rittipairoj
วรรณกรรมสยามโบราณคริสต์ศตวรรษที่ 13-19: โมเสคฝีมือ ยี อี เยรินี, ผู้ช่วยศาสตราจารย์กนกวรรณ ฤทธิไพโรจน
Khom Manuscripts : the forgotten treasures, Mr Uthen Wongsthit
I Manoscritti Khom: il Tesoro di Saggezza Dimenticato Uthen  Wongsthit
หนังสือขอม : ขุมทรัพย์ทางปัญญาที่ถูกละเลยอาจารย์อุเทน วงศ์สถิตย์  
Did Marco Polo come to Siam?, Prof Lucio Nalesini  
โปโล เคยไปสยามหรือไม่, Prof Luciano Nalesin
i I Principi, Nobili e Notabili del Siam ed Io Stodio sugli archivi di Villa Gerini in Cisano sul Neva
Asst Prof Kanokwan Rittipairoj
เจ้านาย ขุนนางและข้าราชการสยามของข้าพเจ้า’: การศึกษาเอกสารจดหมายส่วนตัวของเยรินีที่ชิซาโน ซุล เนวา
ผู้ช่วยศาสตราจารย์กนกวรรณ ฤทธิไพโรจน์
G.E. Gerini e K.S.R. Kularb: I Circoli Accademici in Siam nel tardo 19mo Secolo,Saran Thongpan
Gerini and K.S.R Kularb: Siam’s academic circle in late nineteenth century, Mr Sran Tongpan,
เยรินีกับ ก.ศ.ร. กุหลาบ : “วงการวิชาการ” ของสยามในปลายศตวรรษที่ 19, คุณศรัณย์ ทองปาน
Alcune note sul fondo Gerini della Biblioteca ‘Maurizio Taddei’ dell’Orientale di Napoli. Dott.sa Antonalle Peirce, Dott.sa Antonella Muratgia
Some notes on “Gerini’s collection” in the “Maurizio Taddey” Library of “The Oriental” of Naples
Dott.sa Antonalle Peirce, Dott.sa Antonella Muratgia
หมายเหตุจาก ‘กรุเยรินี” ที่ห้องสมุด “Maurizio Taddey’ ที่ ‘มหาวิทยาลัย The Oriental” เนเปิล
Dott.sa Antonalle Peirce, Dott.sa Antonella Muratgia
GISSAD – dalle sparse tessere al mosaico : la Nascita di un Database, Dott. Luciano G. Gerini
GISSAD (Gerini International Siamese Studies Archive and Database) : from unrelated tesserae to the mosaic, the Birth of a Database, Dott. Luciano G. Gerini
ผนึกเสี้ยวเป็นโมเสค: การก่อตั้งศูนย์จดหมายเหตุและฐานข้อมูลเยรินี นานาชาติด้านสยามศึกษา (GISSAD)
โดย Dott. Luciano G. Gerini
Esposizione Siamese a Torino del 1911, Saovanee Visetsin
Siam Exhibition in Turin, 1911,Ms Sawanee Wisetsin
นิทรรศการตูริน 1911, คุณสวณีย์ วิเศษสินธ์ุ



The currents of time naturally brought both Oriental and Occidental philosophy and wisdom into the Kingdom of Siam throughout the ages because Siam had a geographical location that was  suitable for the birth of an integrated civilization. Thus, it is found that world civilizations traveling on ancient routes connecting the seas of the Western and Eastern worlds both near and far met in this region.
The interest of Western philosophers such as Col. G. E. Gerini in the customs, traditions, culture, ways of life and knowledge of the people of Siam at the end of 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century especially the integration of philosophy, religion, ceremonies and beliefs of Siam with Eastern and Western civilizations and cultures concerned with treatises on war strategy, traditions, major festivals, and the topknot cutting traditions of the Thais is considered an important example of the use of an integrated style in order to deconstruct the framework of Siamese knowledge which is also built up from integrated knowledge.
Panyasajataka: Gerini’s Views, Dr Chainarong Klinnoi
Panyas Jataka : la Versine del Gerini, Dr.Chainarong Klinnoi
: วรรณกรรมบาลีตามทัศนะของเยรินี ดร .ชัยณรงค์ กลิ่นน้อย
The Study of Pali in Italy, Dr Claudio Cicuzza
Lo studio del pāli e del buddhismo theravāda in Italia, Dr Claudio CicuzzaTaglio dei capelli e la Dea Terra, Prof Anna Maria QuagliottiHair, tonsure and the Earth Goddess,  Prof Anna Maria Quagliotti