Works in Progress : The Published

At the successful closing of the 25 years's military career in the Kingdom of Siam (1881-1906) of Colonel G.E. Gerini or Phra Sarasasana Balakhandh, the Director-General of Military Edcuation of the Royal Army of Siam, a list of his publications on Oriental Studies was printed in-8, 4 pp. in Italian language covering his publications inclusively from 1890 to 1905 : I. Studi Orientali (The Oriental studies) in English, French, Italian and Siāmese (31 items) and II. Libri di Testo per l'Insegnamento Militare nel R. Esercito Siamese ed altre pubblicazioni (The textbooks for Military Teaching in the Royal Siāmese Army and miscellaneous subjects) in Siāmese language (5 items).


This small four-page publication in Italian, the only copy available in his Private Archive, was first studied by Luciano G. Gerini, his grand-nephew, and then, by Associate Professor Kanokwan [Rittipairoj] Gerini of Silpakorn University in Bangkok who helped fulfill his intention to find all the publicaions in print and, at the same time, continued to investigate further into his unknown publications and unpublished manuscripts. Subsequently, the manifold publications in English, Italian and Siāmese languages and a huge collection of multilingual unpublished manuscripts volumes and paralipomena available in Microfilms kept at the National Library, the National Archive in Bangkok, L'Orientale in Naples and many Private Collections have been collected and catalogued.



Works in Progress : The Unpublished