The Objectives of Gerini International Siamese Studies Archive and Database are

(1)To edit and publish the manuscripts of G.E. Gerini

(2) To create a study centre where scholars interested in Siamese studies can research archival material and where seminars and exhibitions can be held

(3) To crate database and make available for scholarly use on line and in editing software






“An enormous mass of valuable information can rapidly be collected through the co-operation of every one. No special training is in most instances required, no special facilities or leisure for inquiry. Many facts fall under the eye of the ordinary observer which go lost to science, simply through their not being jotted down and communicated for publication. It is from an extensive collection and co-ordination of such facts that science can draw the largest benefit and often make extraordinary strides. Every casual observer, can if not interested in the subject, can help by simply noting down such facts as fall under his knowledge on a slip …“ G.E.Gerini, Vice President S.S., 1904


Our ultimate goal is to have, in memory of Phra Sarrasana Balakhand Gerini, one who devoted the best part of his too short life to study Siam under almost all possible points of view, a mosaic of his beloved Suwannaphum never finished but always increasing and embellishing its look and its meaning. Dott. Luciano G. Gerini, S.S.M, Villa Gerini, Italy 2004


‘what Gerini wrote’ about Siam reflect the faculty of his soul, the soul of an anthropologist, a linguist, a historian, an archaeologist, a geographer, a diplomat, a surveyor, a soldier, a traveler, a teacher, a lawyer, an astrologist, a scientist, and a philanthropist. For twenty-five years Gerini’s soul had a dialogue with the Over-soul of Siamese literary minds, either in person or through their works. It was then that his soul became a part of the Siamese Over-soul, an essential part of a whole. “ - Assoc Prof. Kanokwan. Rittipairoj, Department of Western Languages, Faculty of Archaeology, 2004