Up River Journey

A Bridge that Link One’s Consciousness to Another’s

In September 2007, Luciano Gerolamo Gerini exhibites his site-specific installation in Chiang Mai University Art Museum


G.E. Gerini1

(left) Gerolamo Emilio Gerini (1860-1913) or Colonel Phra Sarasasana Balakhandh, a Siamese government official, the first Director-Genral of Military Education, Ministry of War, in the reign of King Chulalongkorn of Siam, a Vice President of The Siam Society and Luciano's granduncle.

(Right) Luciano Gerolamo Gerini, his grandnephew, a former business lawyer, a scholar of Siamology and an artist who lives and works in Thailand and Italy. Both have recorded Siamese cultures, ceremonies, rites and rituals, people, ruins, and landscape with their own cameras.


Artist’s Words

by Luciano Gerolamo Gerini

Up River Journey” is another chapter of the random complexity of my mind

It’s a journey of my art in the domain of the different consciousness created by my to see art experience. . . Specifically, it’s the journey of my art from the Krungthep’s plains near the mouth of Mae Nam Chao Phraya deep into the origin of the stream of different consciousness in the upper middle course of the Mae Nam Ping in Chiang Mai.

In the late nineteenth century, “Up River Guide” was the title of a series of travelogues written by my  granduncle, Phra Sarasasana Balakhand (G.E. Gerini, 1860-1913) in “Siam Free Press” under his  penname“Hesper”. Paradoxically, although I have been unable to find these articles, which are, in fact, a small part of his huge literary production during the time he was in Siam, they have been the symbol of my endless research on his life and works. The “Up River Guide”, like his other works,  has become one of my permanent “reflexions” (a personal perception of the reality and a simultaneous reaction to it) in a stream of consciousness along with my other art experiences. I, therefore, borrow from him a part of the title to show a parallel between his journey towards the root of Siamese way of life and my journey on the route of the deepening of my art experience.

The site specific installation art exhibition “Up River Journey” is my today’s expression of the random complexity of “reflexions” in my mind, solely designed for the venue in Chiang Mai, covering the area of about 300 square meters of the U-shaped front gallery on the second floor of the CMU art museum in the contemporary language of the in video installation, paintings, monoprint inkjet transparency on polycarbonate stands and polycarbonate plates, reed weaving and  LoKo mobiles by L.G Gerini and  a conceptual modeling of Colonel G.E. Gerinii’s anthropological and ethnic exhibition in ensemble.”